Kniti Griti Works, LLC (Marcia Merrins, Artist)

I provide the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS with which I conduct business:

Prices and Specification Information
I work very hard to see that information on this website is accurate. However, errors can happen and I cannot control all. Therefore, information is subject to change without notice. If you have ordered an item that has incurred a price increase I will honor the price quoted. I cannot be responsible for any typographical errors in pricing or specification. The pictures shown are meant to provide an idea of what items looks like. I do not have photos of every item. Actual appearance will be slightly different, as items are art - unique, one of a kinds, handmade, etc. Color can be misrepresented by photo lighting and your computer settings when viewing. Sizes are approximate and as each item is an original there are minor variations in size.

Customer Privacy
I have a policy of not releasing personal information to anyone outside my business. I will not give or sell your name or address information to anyone without your prior consent. All information gathered during your contact with me is for my communication with you.

Our payment web based online process uses internet standard data encryption techniques which work in conjunction with your current version web browser to ensure that your data may be transmitted confidentially. Any "cookies" used by our contact system are simply for tracking purposes. Customer databases are stored and secured by the web based provider of the payment process.

No other warranties are expressed or implied. Kniti Griti Works, LLC, makes no warranties expressed or implied as to the fitness of any item for any particular purpose.

Errors And Omissions
I work very hard to make sure that all content of my website is accurate. However, I am human and might make a mistake. Also, there may be "glitches" in any of the complex parts that make up my business. These are a part of our lives in this complex business world. When I verbally quote any price or discuss specification about any piece, I am doing my best to act with integrity. Good-faith effort is made to ensure that I serve you fairly.

Limitation of Liability
All art and merchandise is sold in good faith to be as described. I make no warranties expressed or implied as to any item for any particular purpose. I will not be responsible for any accidental, consequential or any other special damages which may occur even if I or any agents are made aware of such damages or the possibility of damages. While normal efforts have been taken to ensure complete security and safety of all information and products, I will not be responsible for any damages resulting from server attack, hack, or virus, be it against my servers or any of my partners. In no event will I be responsible for any amount which exceeds the amount paid by the customer for an item at issue. In no event will I or other representatives be responsible for any claims whatsoever made against Kniti Griti Works, LLC.

All descriptions, policies, and statements contained in this document are as accurate as possible. I reserve the right to make changes as needed without prior notice. I reserve the right to refuse any sale for any reason. If I find it necessary to legally pursue any situation, we will do so in Fredonia, Chautauqua County, New York. Any person using this website consents irrevocably to waive personal jurisdiction (forum non conveniens) in any and all matters. In the event that one or more of the policies contained herein may be found to be unenforceable, it shall not affect any other policy. All content of my printed or electronic media materials are owned by Kniti Griti Works, LLC, and any unauthorized reproduction or use may be in violation of certain laws.