Masks fascinate me. I have a collection of masks from all over the world. Masks are of high interest to some people and rejected by others (creepy?). Raku fired masks are quite dramatic. Saggar fired masks results are quite unpredictable, but usually subtler in design.

Masks are normally life size, 10-11" high by 5-6" wide. Starting with a slab of clay I use a form to face shape. If I am adding a headdress I sculpt and add theme details. The faces are then air dried, bisque fired, glazed, and raku or saggar fired. Contact me for current pricing on masks. I usually have 3-5 masks available. If you find something you like in this gallery I will be happy to e-mail you pictures of what is available in similar style and glaze for your review. I also take commissions for a customer preferred shape, theme, and glaze (See: Buying and Ordering).

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