Boxes, Blocks, Bricks, and Tiles

I have worked on decorative tiles for a few years and more recently started building boxes, blocks, and bricks. I like working in the six sided form.

All boxes, blocks, and bricks are hand built. Boxes are 3" cubes, cut to open (hollow center), glaze finished, and may have abstract designs or other adornments (dragonflies, flowers, etc.). I build a wide variety of boxes, blocks, bricks, and tiles. It's easier to look at the pictures in the gallery to get a feel for the variety of pieces available. Contact me for current pricing on blocks, bricks, tiles, and raku fired pieces. I usually have 10 to 12 boxes and a number of blocks, bricks, and tiles available. If you find something you like in this gallery I will be happy to e-mail you pictures of what is available in similar style. I also take commission for a customer preferred shape, theme, and glaze (See: Buying and Ordering).

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