Footed Bowls

They are thematically based on whimsical interpretations of popular footwear designs. They can hold a plant, candy, cookies, keys, jewelry,...just about anything! These footed bowls are created with love and care and glaze brushed on with careful detail.

I start building a footed bowl with an idea for the footwear (sneakers, hiking boots, sandals, bunny slippers, etc.). Building the foot and designing the shoes usually takes a couple hours. Once satisfied with the foot I build the bowl (vessel) to match the foot theme (such as diaper with baby shoes, shorts with sandals, tutu with ballerina slippers, etc.). The legs are attached to the vessel, the piece is air dried, and bisque fired. Three coats of glazed are brushed on and then glaze fired.

Finished pieces are between 7" and 11" in height, and bowl diameter is approximately 7". I typically start the season with 100 bowls and sell out by the end-of-season, with commission orders to keep me busy till the holidays. The bowls vary in price based on complexity. Contact me for current pricing on Footed Bowls.

If you find something you like in this gallery I will be happy to e-mail you pictures of what is available or you can commission a preferred shoe theme (See: Buying and Ordering). If you prefer a commission, contact me.

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