Footed Bowls

Footed bowls are one of my two specialty areas (Also see: Raku Faces and Pendants) and my favorite studio work time. I truly enjoy the hours in the studio designing and building footed bowls. They are unique, whimsical and fun. Summer sandals, "Dorothy" slippers, cowboy/girl boots, and golf shoes are popular with customers - but everything sells. I always get comments, sales, and commissions at shows. Customers usually buy or order footed bowls for themselves, or as a special present or holiday gift for family or friends.

I start building a footed bowl with a block of clay and an idea for the footwear (sneakers, hiking boots, sandals, bunny slippers, dog feet, etc.). Building the foot and designing the shoes usually takes a couple hours. Once satisfied with the foot I build the bowl (vessel) to match the foot theme (such as diaper with baby shoes, shorts with sandals, tutu with ballerina slippers, etc.). I build until I'm happy. The legs are attached to the vessel, the piece is air dried, bisque fired, hand glazed or dip glazed, then glaze fired. The bowls vary in complexity (and price) based on two variables - the complexity of the foot and the complexity of the glaze work (dip glazing vs. hand painted glazing).

Finished pieces are between 7" and 11" in height, and bowl diameter is approximately 7". I typically start the season with 100 bowls and sell out by the end-of-season, with commission orders of another 40 to 60 orders to keep me busy till the holidays. Contact me for current pricing on Footed Bowls. I usually have several bowls available and I can build if you want something special (See: Commissions). If you find something you like in this gallery I will be happy to e-mail you pictures of what is available or you can commission a preferred shoe theme (See: Buying and Ordering).

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